Web design for eCommerce in Dayton

When we were in need of a web site refresh, we scoured the Dayton area looking for companies that might be able to help us. It wasn’t a simple refresh, we wanted to enable eCommerce for our clients and wanted to be able to do some of the content and maintenance on the site ourselves.

Our old site

Our prior web site could best be described as a “cobweb” – something created and then ignored. But our business was changing as more of our clients wanted an online parts search and the ability to submit requests for quotes online. In order to change any of the content on our old site, we had to engage the company who created it for us and pay for every change. We approached them about adding eCommerce features and functions to our site and received a quote that was simply out of reach financially.

Referral to Servlet

One of our other vendors routinely did business with the folks over at Servlet and he mentioned that we should have a chat with Mike and the team over there. We had a couple of discussions about what we wanted, what we didn’t want, and when we wanted to make changes. Servlet then did some behind the scenes magic and asked for another discussion.

Selecting Servlet for our web design for eCommerce in Dayton

The proposal we received from Servlet was spot on. The initial site design was cost-effective. The ongoing monthly maintenance for the site, the introduction of search engine optimization, and the eCommerce capabilities were 20% less than we were paying for that old cobweb site. In addition, we gained the ability to manage our inventory online, add/modify/delete content ourselves, and gained a site that was good for mobile phone, tablet, and computer users.

Servlet Delivers more than Promised

After a few short weeks of engaging with the Servlet team, and seeing the project evolve and mature with our input, Servlet delivered the project on-time, on-budget. Our new eCommerce site has gone from being an expense to a revenue generator. Our existing clients loved the new way to engage with us and due to the SEO efforts, we’ve been able to capture new clients each month of operation. If you are looking for Web design for eCommerce in Dayton we recommend Servlet, you won’t regret it.